Monday, March 30, 2015

Replacing the Doc xPress Logo

One question we get a lot lately at Pragmatic Works is 'How do I change the Doc xPress logo at the bottom of my documentation to my own company's logo?'. That is a capability that is not too obvious, but it is there. The documentation that is created by Doc xPress is controled by a series of templates. In order to replace or add an image, it requires the changing of a property in the templates.

First, locate the templates folder. You will find it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Pragmatic Works\Pragmatic Workbench. The folder that contains the templates is named 'DOC xPress Templates'. Inside of that template folder, you will find another folder named 'Images'. This folder contains all the image files that are used when creating a document. Copy your desired logo image to this folder.

Next, you will have to locate all the templates for the root level objects. The templates that need to be edited are as follows...


In each one of these, the reference to the Doc xPress banner will need to be replaced. 

Note: Check the properties of each template. Chances are they are set to read only. If so, just uncheck the option and click 'Apply'. Also, run your text editor as admin.

I normally use Notepad++ for all my editing needs. In the image below, notice the last line of the template file.

Yes. This is a real config file. We're quirky here.

The image value needs to be changed. Just change it to the file name of the logo that needs to be displayed. I am switching mine to the SQL Goth logo. 

Save the file and close it. Repeat this with all of the template files listed above. Now, launch Doc xPress and generate a document. You should see your custom logo displayed at the bottom of the page.

If you're not using Doc xPress, you really should look into it. It will fulfill all of your documentation needs. Get more information here.


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